Tulare County Fair Foundation celebrates the heritage of agriculture through the bounty of the county and works to ensure a legacy of agricultural literacy.


The Tulare County Fair was founded in 1915 as a Citrus Fair, the first Livestock Fair was held in 1919. Today, the Tulare County and Fairgrounds offers so much more the community and its residents. Since its inception, Agriculture, Livestock Shows, Community Weddings, Festivals, and Quinceneras have been a tradition and fiber of the County. The Tulare County Fair provides an educational and entertainment experience for all those who attend to create a lifetime of memories. Due to budget cuts, this tradition is in critical jeopardy. The Fairgrounds could close.


When Governor Brown signed his 2012 budget he did not just cut County Fair funding - he eliminated it by 100 percent. In the past, the Tulare County Fair has received a significant portion of its budget from the State of California. These monies wen to offset the Livestock Shows, Youth Awards, Ag Exhibits, and fund the Educational Programs. As the Fair shrinks from Governor Brown's budget cuts, it also results in a significant reduction in the local economy - less jobs and less sales tax revenue for the county.


This year, due to the continuation of NO state funding, the Tulare County Fair Board of Directors took action! A small group of avid Fair supporters banned together earlier this year to reactivate, revitalize, and retool the focus of the Tulare County Fair Children's Foundation, TCFCF had been non-active for several years. Operating under a new name, the Tulare County Fair Foundation (TCFF), a 501 (c) 3, charitable organization, has new leadership, new goals, and a new mission. The Foundation is active and has a plan to rebuild the community-loved Tulare County Fair. The entire county will continue to benefit from the rebuilding of the Fair as the Fairgrounds becomes the showcase for the rich bounties the county produces and the heritage of promoting agriculture literacy.

The TCFF's mission is to educate the youth and adults in Tulare County about the importance of hands-on agriculture, so they may become better informed citizens. Simply put, the foundation is working to generate funds to promote the Fair, Ag Literacy, and guarantee the Fair will continue for years to come. The Tulare County Fair is the perfect example of education through entertainment. It is something we want to preserve, nourish, and expand on. This value-driven family event strives to educate the community in a fun and safe way. Kids today are growing Ag illiterate, and the TCFF strives to change that for the citizens of Tulare County. For a majority of Tulare County residents and some exhibitors, the County Fair is the only agricultural experience they will ever have. But as they become responsible citizens, they will make decisions that could affect the way we all live and do business.


The TCFF needs your help in keeping this Tulare County tradition alive. The Tulare County Fair is an extraordinary Fairgrounds that will forever serve the needs and wants of the County. Please join other exhibitors, Tulare County businesses, families, and friends as a permanent part of the future by funding a building, show ring, beautification project inside the grounds, or by joining the Heritage Society as a Charter member (only the first year). We will recognize your gift in a tasteful display that pays tribute to your commitment to the Tulare County Fair as a lasting legacy.

Tulare County Fair Foundation celebrates the heritage of agriculture through the bounty of the county and works to ensure a legacy of agriculture literacy. We ask you to be part of the future.

The TCFF Trustees believe in the importance of the Foundation and we have set an aggressive goal of $350,000 in the first year. We can't think of a more worthy investment. On behalf of the TCFF Trustees, we appreciate your support and look forward to building a strong agricultural Foundation with your assistance. Please feel free to send this request to any friends, colleagues, or family members who want to assist the Fair and be part of the legacy. If you have any questions, please contact us at (559) 686-4707. Please see the back of the Case Statement for the different levels of partners needed and please send your check TODAY!



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