Entertainment Line-up

Hypnotist Steve Bayner

Sept 11 - 15 • Stage

Are you brave enough to be hypnotized during the standing room only hypnotized show at the Tulare County Fair? Watch as the participants drift into a hypnotic state and follow the directions of world renowned hypnotist Steve Bayner. You never know what you will see or hear from participants. You will leave the show laughing and wondering how did he do that! Steve Bayner ~ Hypnotist Show was once recognized as the best performing hypnotist show in America.

Alfred & Seymour

Sept 11 - 15

New to the Tulare County Fair! Alfred and Seymour are two grown men that dress alike, have never been in the Boy Scouts, can’t play sports and can’t sing. But they ARE one of the most hilarious comedy duos you’ll ever see. They have a standard of excellence that meets the criteria of ANY audience, young or old. Alfred and Seymour are cousins. They have been seen on the “Tonight Show”, “Friday Night Videos” on NBC, Nickelodeon’s “Kenan and Kal”, and “Hangin’ With Mr Cooper”. Do you remember the hit TV series, “Roundhouse” on Nickelodeon? Well, it was a bunch of years ago and the Boyz were really young, but they were on that show about a million times.

The Procrastinators

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

You will hear them coming, you’ll stop and watch and then you’ll look around to see where they will be preforming next! Strolling around the grounds of the Tulare County Fair these incredible “street musicians” play anything you can imagine. From pots and pans to five-gallon water bottles they turn the incredible sound into legitimate music while jumping, sliding, twisting and stomping their way through the Fairgrounds.

Gold Rush Mining & Refining Co.

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

In the spirit of the 100th year anniversary, it’s time to pan for gold! A life size gold panning rig, an interactive attraction and educational tool designed to give people the adventure a gold panner is guaranteed to find gold!

Murray Hatfield & Teresa

Sept. 11th-15th

New to the Tulare County Fair! This world class illusionist team has been preforming for over 3 decades. Their breath-taking magic, music and interactive comedy plus the most up-to-date illusions will have you attending every show at the Fair! Over the last decade they have thrilled audiences around the globe.


Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

Dennis Forel is the voice of the Fair and the official balloon maker! What is your favorite balloon shape? Ask Dennis to make anything. He turns balloon magic into a reality. He can also be seen riding is “big bike” around the Tulare County Fair visiting with Fairgoers or just answering a question. Make sure you stop him for a balloon, picture or a question.

Walk on the Wild Side

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

From a turtle to a big cat Walk On The Wild Side is a favorite with Tulare County Fair goers. Children and adults enter through the jungle and the education starts. Kids can play and enter the magical jungle of wild animals. During the adventure guests will learn about exotic animals and their native habitat. Walk On The Wild Side is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping all species of wild animals who, for various reasons, find themselves without a place to live out their lives. The animal ambassadors at the Tulare County Fair each have their own lesson to teach.

Something Ridiculous

Sept. 11th-15th

Something Ridiculous is a high-energy juggling and acrobatic act performed by slapstick stuntmen Mark Wilder and VonJon. Juggling almost anything they can get their hands on, the comic duo climbs up free-standing ladder, onto a ten-foot-tall unicycle or atop each other’s shoulders in a wildly entertaining, dynamic show. A Tulare County Fair favorite!

Randy Cabral - Comedy Juggler

Sept. 11th-15th

New to the Tulare County Fair! Randy Cabral has been dazzling audiences worldwide for the past 15 years with his interactive blend of fast-paced and flexible humor. In fact, you may recognize him from his appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show. Randy Cabral’s passion for comedic entertainment made its debut in his college years, when he performed over 5000 shows at Walt Disney World. After graduating college cum laude with a degree in psychology, Randy pursued his calling by performing all over the world, including Japan, Europe and throughout North America. Randy has been featured in over four thousand shows at Walt Disney World.

Charlie the Veloci-Raptor Dinosaur

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

Charlie can be found roaming the grounds of the TulareCounty Fair throughout the day. When Charlie is “resting” he is available for photo opportunities at a small cost. Charlie will take you into the lost world of real-life, walking dinosaurs and giving you a HD Alive experience like no other. Velociraptor is a dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago!

Puppets & Players Little Theatre

Sept. 11th-15th • Kid's Zone

Watch your child’s imagination grow as they participate in The Puppets & Players Little Theatre. Children’s faces light up as they watch puppets come to life on the puppet stage. Inspired by an Italian opera house in Mailan the century old puppet theatre will entertain both children and adults during the Tulare County Fair.

Ramos Brothers Circus

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

Come see the magic under the Big Top! It’s a big top circus at the Tulare County Fair. Since 2005 Ramos Brothers Circus has been entertaining circus fans from Canada to the US. Under the big top circus lovers will watch incredible jugglers, laugh at the antics of clowns, view beautiful horses, be scared during the exhilarating motorcycle dare devils, and watch the amazing flying trapeze. Each show will be filled with thrills and excitement while having you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this magical moment with your family during the Tulare County Fair!

The Magic Bean

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

New to the Tulare County Fair! A perfect combination of education and entertainment. Kids will learn about where their food comes from on the farm and how it ends up in their kitchen. Children will be inspired by the magic of agriculture. Both kids and adults will enjoy this interactive show.

Mind Works

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

Kids and adults get to use their hands and minds to explore the amazing world of science and technology. Wild Science continues to stretch a child’s mind as they play in over 2000 sq. ft. of space. An excursion into the wild and amazing world of science through dozens of highly interactive activities is available during building hours. Learning occurs through hands-on interaction with the various exhibits, rather than through signage and information. Adults, as well as children, have great fun participating.

Extreme Dogs

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

New to the Tulare County Fair! This extreme stunt dog show will have you in awe of what man’s best friend can do! A team of lovable rescue dogs will soar through the air, catch Frisbees and dock dive. Let’s see how high they can jump. The show will give you tips to help your own pooch live a healthy, happy life.

The Corny Crow

Sept. 11th-15th • Community Stage

For 20 years Steve and his partner, “Corny Crow,” have presented their unique show for children and adults throughout the US & Canada. Either performing his hilarious show on stage or presenting his humor with a message to schools, Steve’s warmth and humor prevails in all his performances. Steve and Corny Crow offer many tricks on how to become a ventriloquist while entertaining the entire family!

Great American Petting Farm

Sept. 11th-15th • Kid’s Zone

Children have the opportunity to get up close with the animals during America’s premier petting farm. With no barriers inside kids can spend hours with cute, cuddly animals. The farm contains 55 beautiful, friendly hand-raised animals including: Nubian and Alpine Goats, Boar Goats, and miniature Pygmy Goats, Baby Doll Sheep, St Croix and Shetland Sheep, miniature Sicilian.

Captain Jack

Sept. 11th-15th • Kid’s Zone

There are a lot of pirates around. But you can be certain, this is the one and only Jack Spareribs! No. Not that other Jack in the movie. This pirate not only wields a sword nicely but also juggles torches and knives, cannonballs and clubs... And oversees a crew of miscreants that includes a talking monkey!

Pedal Tractor Pulls

Sept. 11th-15th • Grounds

Take a break during the Fair as your children race pedal tractors, learn to milk a cow and enjoy the rural farm. The kids become the stars of the show while they compete in a fast paced, action packed pedal powered tractor pull. Kids four to twelve years old are welcome to join in the show for free and try their skill. The tractors and pulling sleds are built for fun and designed to produce smiles and laughter! Calling all kids! COME OUT AND PLAY at the KIDS PEDAL TRACTOR PULLS!

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