A Special Thank you

to Fire Chief Luis Nevarez, Tulare City Fire Department, and Josh Miller with Thunderbowl Raceway
for coming out today and putting up our Flag in time for this year’s Tulare County Drive-thru Fair.



COVID-19 has changed the way we can showcase our community and come together this year. Which is making us think outside the box to showcase our community in a positive light, during these challenging times.

CEO Rizzardo and the Board of Director’s collaborate with the Tulare County Health Department on public health and safety, State and CDC guidelines for COVID-19 we are moving forward with a Drive-Thru and Virtual Fair.

What is a Modified Fair? –


Dairy Heifer Sale Guidance JLA Grading & Auction Plan Breeding Show Results


  • TCF will be offering VIRTUAL breeding show options for all species and all those exhibitors that want to participate.
  • You will need to have your entries in by August 21st and after you are entered you will receive an email, that email will have an exhibitor number. Please print that exhibitor number and make sure to have it in your photo and 60 second video which will need to be uploaded to your breed entry by September 14th. So all breed shows can be judged virtually. The winners of the Breed shows will be showcased in the TCF Virtual Breeding slideshow.
  • Dairy Replacement Projects to be Sold in 2021- You can enter your heifer in the virtual breeding show to qualify for the 2021 fair. REGARDLESS if you don’t wish to participate in the virtual show you must at a minimum enter your heifer and upload a picture and your contract to be eligible to participate in the 2021 TCF. This project does not qualify to be part of our livestock grading show as it does not qualify to be sold in the 2020 auction. Only those animals that are to be sold in the 2020 auction qualify for the grading shows. We are doing our best to get these animals qualified for the 2021 fair and auction. The Dairy Heifer Replacement Committee will also perform a live inspection of all heifers that are entered later in the spring of 2021 a date TBD and announced later.

There are many divisions in all departments you can enter this year and the book has been broken into several departments for easy reading! Take this opportunity to show Tulare County that COVID-19 has not taken away our love of community and the continued pride we have in our culture. Take this opportunity to toot your horn Tulare County!

Enter today Tulare County! Show us what you’ve got!